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Dryden Dance Center ................ a leisure time company

Start Living- Start Dancing

  Welcome to Dryden Dance Center web site, we hope you find the information you need to make your dancing a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. Please feel free at any time to call or write for more information.                


Phone: 412 221 1044
In the studio we have Group and Private lessons daily for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers, also we are involved in arranging the dances for the brides and grooms and also the wedding parties of about 60 weddings a year. 
  We arrange for special group lessons for private and corporate groups either in the studio or in their own  location. The above is a cross section of the type of dancing we are involved with most of the time!
  In addition to the lessons, we also have dance parties and promote events outside the studio such as the Le Crystal Ball, Dinner Dances, Caribbean Dance Cruises, Four Star Ball, Latin Fiesta's etc. 
  We can not list all of the styles or dances we are familiar with so feel free to call at any time and explain your needs. As you can see we  help you attain your  dancing goals over quite a wide range .
below are some of our sites:

Group lessons
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International Dance Teachers Association GB
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International Dance Teachers Association GB
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National Dance Council of America
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